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Title: how cunning is your cat
Post by mr cat on 11/10/11 at 07:15:57

how cunning is your cat
Apr 4th, 2007, 5:53am Quote | Modify | Remove
how cunning is your cat

a few days back i was sitting down with one of mine, pluto, in my lap and  i heard a rustling noise
above my head. i looked up and saw his sister, calypso, pushing a box and looking over the edge of  
the shelf. i pretended not to look while keeping track of calypso's progress, pushing and looking.  
she pushed the box until it was right above her brother, looked over to check the position, and then
pushed it off the shelf so it would fall on him. fortunately, not only was it light, but i was keeping  
track and caught the box before it hit him. he was shocked, and so was i. i had no idea the kittens
were not only so competitive for my attention, but so calculating in it's pursuit.
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Re: how cunning is your cat
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So Selket brought a newt in. (Newts can be highly toxic, btw, so sequester those salamanders!) A few days later I was throwing her some toys to fetch and it finally dawned on me - she had been playing with a catnip newt. Duh! I had been training her to newt! She's a newter! Wink
PS She went on her 1st excursion since the accident - to Orbis Nex for the Blood and Ink monthly goth writer's event. We closed the door to the bedroom where the body parts from the morgue are kept since the last cat who visited was spotted chewing on a shoulder. (Don't ask.) Selkie had so much fun her tail was shaking like a rattlesnake practically the whole time as she explored every square inch of the warehouse space.
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