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cat eye health (Read 1379 times)
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cat eye health
08/23/08 at 04:37:50
Regular exercise, a healthy diet and lots of fresh water will help to support your cat's immune system and therefore also maintain eye health. Keep your catís eyes and surrounding areas clean and free of debris and provide shady areas to prevent harsh sun damaging the eyes.
Here are some more tips for cat eye health:
    * Cat fights often result in abscesses following a nasty bite or a deep scratch, but can also lead to scratches on the cornea which in turn may develop into ulcers.  Eye ulcers can develop very quickly and if they become deep may require surgery.  If you suspect your catís eye may have been scratched by another cat or maybe a branch or something else sharp and your pet is showing signs of eye discomfort, such as squinting or the presence of a watery discharge, itís advisable to take a trip to your vet.
    * Scratches on the surface of your catís eye are not always visible and may need a specific diagnostic test: the fluorescein test.  This is a bright orange substance that is placed in your catís eye and will fluorescent bright green in areas where the cornea has been damaged.  This diagnostic but this test is invaluable in picking up minor injuries to the cornea which if treated effectively will be unlikely to develop into nasty, corneal ulcers.
    * Remember to check your catís eyes when theyíve been out in long grass, grass seeds have a nasty habit of wriggling their way into the corners of your catís eye and cause much discomfort.
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