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08/23/19 at 12:27:13

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allecto - the littlest loiness - f3 chausie (Read 1052 times)
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allecto - the littlest loiness - f3 chausie
02/24/09 at 06:46:08
allecto - the littlest loiness - f3 chausie
the little lioness - female chausie kitten (stone cougar)
golden / sand coloured with black ticked (agouti) hair, she has the heart of a lion. she has the longer legs and larger tuft ears of the classic chausie which gives her the look of a small mountain lion or cougar. she is an F3 jungle cat hybrid and exceeds TICA standards for the chausie breed.
she also is an F4 asian leopard cat (bengal) and may be hypoallergenic for many persons with mild allergies. she is the result of a jungle cat, asian leopard cat, abysinnian, and maine coon hybrid crossing over 3 generations, and extremely unique, sometimes refered to as a "designer breed of cat" because of the truely unique non generic features that emerge.
chausie are the cats of egyptians and fully trainable. they are very dog like in companionship and are a very affectionate and devoted.
she has begun leash training and has taken to it. she is extremely intelligent. she is very friendly and will get along with dogs.
she comes with a certificate of lineage (pedigree), health guarantee, and vaccinations.
does not include a contract/permission to breed her, arrangements can be made which will not increase her price. i wish i could keep her.
the price of 720 is negotiable and barter may be offered.


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