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majestic chausie ::: king of the cats ::: (Read 4399 times)
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majestic chausie ::: king of the cats :::
01/06/10 at 13:37:55

majestic chausie ::: king of the cats ::: cat mountain chausie - $920
F3 Jungle Cat / Asian Leopard Cat Hybrid Kittens
ultra-exotic exclusive mix.
he is male and is a classic chausie gold (sand) with black agouti ticking, short hair. looks like the father: show grade. he will look like a small cougar/mountain lion when full grown. he has been given the temporary name of "Ra".
he has the classic ear tufts and longer legs. he is hyperallergenic. he is 9 weeks old and was born 8 october and is now available.
he is an F3 (F2+) (second/fourth generation) jungle cat and f4 (fourth generation) asian leopard cat hybrid. he is about 20% wild blood and will get along with other cats, always will use their litter box, and gentle with children. he has been fully and purfectly socialized in a loving home. he is as the first ancient cats of the Egyptians were, a very noble, loyal, loving, devoted and intelligent breed; perfect for your palace.
First indoor vaccination is included. Health is guaranteed. Fully socialized and litter box trained. Leash training may have begun or can be arranged. (yes, you can walk them), many people describe these cats as being "doglike".
Father is TICA certified chausie (F4 Jungle Cat Hybird), mother is a high F2 Jungle Cat (chausie) /F3 Asian Leopard Cat Hybrid (the bengal is derived from the asian leopard cat). you may meet the parents.
reservations are recommended in the form so a small deposit, they only have litters or 1 - 3 kittens, once or twice a year, these are rare in california.
contact: sub23x-chausie@yahoo.com
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